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dr-rockwood3My life has been a journey of creating new chapters. Professionally every 8-10 years I made a transition into another role or organization. This has been energizing for me, while presenting challenges and continuous growth along the way. With a background in education, I have worn many hats from counselor, special education teacher, department head, principal, director of a statewide leadership center in CT, administrator at Central CT State University, and then, after completing a doctorate in Executive Leadership, I assumed the position of associate professor and Educational Leadership department head at Manhattanville College.

After 10 years, my husband and I decided we wanted a different life style so we moved to New Hampshire. This was not an easy process but it was deliberate and took several years. Once we got settled in, I allowed myself time to “explore” and get to know my new community and the various opportunities. Then I started to formulate my goals and vision for this new chapter. I felt like an artist with a new blank canvas, ready to paint a new scene.

Life coaching seemed like the perfect segue from my leadership background. What I liked most about many of my past work experiences was supporting other adults to be reflective about their lives and to take charge of their future growth. I feel that as I have recreated a new chapter, I am in an ideal position to help others do the same. I believe my anchor in life has been set by strong values and beliefs, a reflective nature, and a “can do” attitude. If you really want something, it is just a matter of how much you want to persevere and work for it.

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“Kathy Rockwood is genuinely supportive and encouraging in her coaching role. She has given me tools and strategies to shape my path and move forward in discovering my strengths while helping me to discover ways that I hold myself back from success.”

Lisa, retired educator